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Minimize fraud-for-profit, reduce financial losses, and help prevent reputational damage with LexisNexis® Real Estate Solutions.

LexisNexis® Real Estate Solutions are designed to enable you to detect and prevent mortgage fraud associated with transactions, customers, employees, and vendors. Wide-reaching industry changes and business profitability require a heightened vigilance to combat and reduce mortgage fraud. Our solutions help you comply with aggressive legislation and regulatory developments as well as drive down cost and improve workflow efficiencies as you work to assess and maintain performance of your portfolio.

Comply, protect and capitalize with LexisNexis® Real Estate Solutions.


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Extend the power of Real Estate Solutions with the following:

Verification of Occupancy

Identify potential misrepresentation by automatically analyzing 16 dimensions of occupancy evidence.


Reduce risk with access to industry-contributed reports of verified fraud.


Prevent fraud and identity theft before they strike your organization.

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